Since 2014, 62 policies have been signed by the Member States for cumulative insurance coverage of US $720 million for the protection of 72 million vulnerable populations in participating countries.




Resilience in Rearing: Maidy's Triumph

Maidy ZambiaMaidy Hayumbu, a 60-year-old widow from Habanyama village, has dramatically improved her family's food security with ARC's Emergency Cash Transfer. Investing in livestock farming, she turned a modest pair of pigs into a burgeoning herd, now counting seventeen. The change brought by the support ensures not only meals but also a sustainable future for her seven-member household, enduring the harsh legacy of the 2021/2022 drought in Zambia.

"From two pigs to seventeen, ARC's support wasn't just aid; it was the seed for a new beginning." - Maidy Hayumbu.





Livelihood Lifeline: Nchimunya's Turnaround

Nchimunya ZambiaIn Zambia's Sinadambwe Chiefdom, Nchimunya Chabanda leveraged ARC's cash relief to establish a small-scale livestock operation. From one pig and two goats, her household now has a dozen animals in just seven months, transforming her family's once meagre one-meal-a-day routine into a nourishing three-meal-a-day reality. This vital support came during a critical time, helping her family and community overcome the dire food insecurity left by the recent drought.

"ARC's aid was a spark that ignited hope and transformed our household from scarcity to plenty." - Nchimunya Chabanda.






Entrepreneurial Spirit: Eunice's Empowerment

Eunice Zambia"Eunice Mulenga's enterprising use of the ARC funds to open a grocery shop has turned the tide for her family in Mwana Mampi village. The store not only provides for her six children but extends its benefits to extended family members, echoing the community spirit. Eunice's initiative reflects the profound impact of ARC's assistance, transitioning her from survival foraging to a community pillar, even amidst the challenges of a devastating drought season."

"The ARC funds didn't just feed us, they helped us grow roots of self-reliance for the family." - Eunice Mulenga.






Shelter and Sustenance: Alfred's Restoration

Alfred Zambia"Alfred Hanyolo, a villager from drought-stricken Sinadambwe, transformed ARC's Emergency Cash Transfer into a lifeline. The funds enabled him to purchase essential roofing materials and food, securing his family's basic needs. His experience underlines the program's significance, shifting the narrative from relentless hunger to one of hope and stability and showcasing the tangible difference ARC's support makes in the lives of those facing the adversity of natural calamities."

"With ARC's help, we built more than a roof; we restored dignity and nurtured a future for my grandchildren." - Alfred Hanyolo


Ivory Coast

Adjoua Koffi

"With the money received, I was able to clear my field and pay for new seeds. I am now more self-sufficient than before."
(Adjoua Koffi - beneficiary of the ARC payout in Ivory Coast)






René Ndri Yao

" I can continue to provide for my children and feed my family. Hope has returned in our community."
(René Ndri Yao - beneficiary of the ARC payout in Ivory Coast)






Womens' association in Adikrofoundi
"The village came together and bought plastic chairs that we rent during ceremonies to increase our income."
(Women in Adikrofoundi - beneficiaries of the ARC payout in Ivory Coast)







Ngoné Sène
“With the help we received, we were able to solve a lot of problems. We bought rice, oil, soap and sugar. My greatest joy was to see the relief on the faces of my children and granddaughters."
(Ngoné Sène - beneficiary of the ARC payout in Senegal)






Ndella Ndiaye
“This flour has changed my life and that of my child. With the 3 kg of enriched flour that I received, I was able to feed my daughter regularly, which was not the case before. A few months ago, she weighed just 7 kg but within a month after she started eating the porridge made from the flour, she now weighs 8 kg.”
(Ndella Ndiaye - beneficiary of the ARC payout in Senegal)





Ousmane Gning
“Now our situation has really improved. I am happy to see that the smiles are back on my family’s faces. We were able to survive the lean season and have enough physical strength to work in the fields.”
(Ousmane Gning - beneficiary of the ARC payout in Senegal)





Madagascar payout


The Government of Madagascar received on July 2nd a symbolic cheque in the amount of USD 2,13 million from the African Risk Capacity Insurance Company Limited (ARC Ltd) to cover anticipated losses to livelihoods of its vulnerable population from the crop failure in the just concluded farming season.





Zimbabwe payoutZimbabwe

The African Risk Capacity Insurance Company Limited (ARC Ltd) today made payouts of USD 1.4 million to the Government of Zimbabwe and another US$ 290,288 to UN World Food Programme (WFP), in parametric drought risk insurance payouts to support the extensive drought response efforts in Zimbabwe.


The Government of Senegal received US$23.1 (equivalent of FCFA 13.9 Billion) from African Risk Capacity Insurance Limited to assist in providing early action to support more than 975, 000 people affected by drought during the 2019 agricultural season. “We are extremely committed to the African Risk Capacity. ARC is an African institution which uses innovative financing to protect the resilience of our populations.’’ - Mr. Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, Honourable Minister of Interior of the Republic of Senegal

Senegal Ndiaye Mr. Aly Ngouille Ndiaye - Honourable Minister of Interior of the Republic of Senegal


Final Implementation Plan (Eng)


Final Implementation Plan (Fr)

The African Risk Capacity Insurance Limited (ARC Ltd) has handed a cheque for FCFA 442,824,819.30 (equivalent of US$738,539.88) to the Government of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire to provide rapid assistance to 32,496 persons (corresponding to 6,500 households) in the Central Region of the country following severe rainfall deficits in the 2019 agricultural season. “The Government of Cote d’Ivoire takes the food security of its populations very seriously. Therefore, His Excellency, President Alassane Ouattara supports the collaboration with African Risk Capacity to ensure we can provide timely assistance to our vulnerable population and strengthen their capacity to cope with this kind of disaster.” Coulibally

Mr. Adama Coulibaly - Minister of Economy and Finance, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire



Final Implementation Plan (Eng)


Final Implementation Plan (Fr)


ARC Ltd disbursed US $2.4 million to the Government of Mauritania, which paid a premium of US $1.4 million for drought coverage. The ARC Ltd payment was the first international funding the Government of Mauritania received in response to a progressively severe drought, and the funds subsidized livestock feed for pastoralists in the most affected areas.

MohamedAhmedMauritaniaThe authorities really intervened at the appropriate moment. If they had not, we will not have any more cattle to feed at this very moment.

Mohamed-El-Mustafa-Ould-Ahmed-MauritaniaThis subsidy was timely. If we had not had it, I really do not know how we would cope. Breeders without this action would have sold their cattle at ridiculous prices, for fear of seeing them die of hunger.

Mohamed El Mustafa Ould Ahmed - Arafat, Mauritania

Final Implementation Plan


In 2017, Malawi received a US $8.1 million payout from ARC Ltd and had paid a premium of US $4.7 million for drought coverage. The Government of Malawi used the funds to support over 800,000 Malawians by filling gaps in the scale-up on cash transfers and replenishing its strategic grain reserves.

Malawi-2017-WFP-Cash-Transfer"We were able to eat just one meal a day. However, we are now able to eat twice a day with this assistance."

Enegentsi Mitha, 70 years old with 5 grandchildren

Malawi-2017-WFP-Cash-Transfer"We would have had a huge problem this year without the extra assistance. There would have been no food and it would have been difficult to continue sending our children to school."

Holesi Kalonga, 72 years old with a household of 10 people


Three countries in the Sahel – Mauritania, Niger and Senegal – received a US $26.3 million payout from ARC Ltd. The governments paid a combined premium of US $8 million for drought insurance coverage, and the payout benefitted an estimated 1.3 million people and over half a million livestock. The funds, disbursed ahead of the UN appeal, were used to deliver quick and much-needed relief to affected populations.


Senegal2015Senegal received US $16.5 million for food distribution and animal feed subsidies. 927,416 people were assisted and 600,000 cattle were fed. Over 3,200 metric tonnes of food were pre-positioned in food insecure areas, and 14,180 metric tonnes of cattle feed were provided in joint efforts with six local companies.

Senegal Final Implementation Plan


MauritaniaPayout2015Mauritania received US $6.3 million for food distribution to families in food insecure areas, serving 250,000 people whose livelihoods were sensitive to climate impacts. 11,000 metric tonnes of rice were procured from local suppliers to provide rapid assistance to vulnerable households.

Mauritania Final Implementation Plan


MauritaniaPayout2015Niger received US $3.5 million for conditional cash transfers and food distribution to support vulnerable families in drought-affected areas. In total, 157,000 people were assisted with ARC-funded interventions: 115,000 received cash support and 42,000 people benefited from rice distribution.

Niger Final Implementation Plan