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African Risk Capacity and AU Media Fellows


In the world of climate change and disaster risk management, collaboration is key. On a Friday in October 2023, the African Risk Capacity (ARC) hosted and engaged in an insightful conversation with the second cohort of the African Union (AU) media fellowship. This meeting marked the beginning of what promises to be a productive partnership with a group of talented and dedicated journalists.

The AU media fellowship consists of journalists and media fellows from the African Union, and their visit to the ARC offices was a momentous occasion. The central focus of this engaging interaction was climate change, disaster risk management, and the vital role of financing in addressing these critical issues.

The highlight of the event was a compelling presentation by the Director General of ARC Group, who shared profound insights into ARC's mission, core values, and the remarkable impact the organisation has had on the most vulnerable populations across the African continent.

One of the core aspects of the discussion revolved around ARC's pivotal role in the African climate finance agenda, especially in the run-up to the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) in the United Arab Emirates. The journalists, all part of the second AU media fellowship cohort, exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and an inquisitive spirit. Their insightful questions and strong commitment to advocating for ARC's cause were both inspiring and heartening.

ARC's mission extends beyond disaster risk management; it also aims to change the narrative surrounding Africa. The organisation is dedicated to breaking free from negative stereotypes about the continent, shaping policy, inspiring action, and advancing the cause of climate resilience.

The dedication of these journalists marks the beginning of a robust and productive partnership between ARC and the AU media fellows. Together, they have the power to create a substantial impact and foster greater support for the ARC treaty. By influencing the narrative, shaping policy, and inspiring action, they are contributing to a more resilient Africa.