Posted on: Tue, 04/20/2021 - 01:21 By: Gender1@ARC
ARc Group

The ARC Group and the African Union Departments of Women, Gender & Development (AU WGDD) and Disaster Risk Reduction (AU DRR) are
working together to ensure the integration of Gender equality and women empowerment issues in the Disaster Risk Management and Financing
(DRMF) landscape through the establishment of a Gender and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) platform.
It is within this framework that an official ceremony will be organised on 11 May 2021 to launch the Gender and DRM platform and encourage relevant
partners to express membership intention. To achieve this objective, the launch will take the form of a conference panel to ensure participants
are presented with key information on the DRM landscape and its intersection with gender to ensure they are well equipped to take an informed
decision on adhesion to the platform.
The platform will contribute to the development and management of knowledge on the issues of gender and DRM in the continent.

ARc Group